All times are Central Standard Time (CST)


June 2-2:30 pm

Learn the latest from Palestined, celbrate a recent movement win, and take on AIPAC through coordinated, targeted action.

Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace


June 10:30 am

President Kennedy’s Vision of Peace – How it Applies Today. The 60th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s American University speech on world peace, followed by commentary and discussion with Professor Jeffrey Sachs

Sponsored by the Massachusettes Peace Action


June 11 am

Documentary film “Two Blue Lines directed by Tom Hayes followed by a discussion with the film director about the years prior to the creation of Isreal to the present day.

Sponsored by the Palestine Museum


June 1:00 pm

Fund Healtchcare Not Warfare, Second Annual Forum, with panel:

Congressional Discretionary Budget – Chair: Carol Doherty (MA State Legislature)

  • Military Programs in the Congressional Discretionary Budget- Lindsay Koshgarian  (Institute for Policy Studies);
  • Civilian Programs in the Congressional Discretionary Budget – Deborah Weinstein (Coalition for Human Needs);
  • A Moral Budget that Lifts from the Bottom – Shailly Gupta Barnes (Kairos Center and Poor People’s  Campaign).

Sponsored by Massachusettes Peace Action


June 7:00 pm

IMF and World Bank: Tools of Empire: a War Industry Resisters Network webinar, discussion with Elaine Zuckerman, Ben Norton, and Liza Maza

Sponsored by the Massachusettes Peace Action


June 6:00 pm

“Boycott” Film Screening followed by Q&A with Just Vision’s Public Engagement Manager, Kate Schwartz.

Sponsored by Northern NJ Jewish Voices for Peace


June 6:00 pm

First Hand – Byron Rempel-Burkholder, Chair of the Mennonite Church Canada Palestine-Israel Network, will report on his just completed visit to the Occupied West Bank. He was in Palestine from mid-January to mid-April basing himself in Hebron and East Jerusalem.

Sponsored by Ottawa Forum on Israel/Palestine


June 2:00 pm

Film screening “The First 54 Years: an Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation.” Watch the film at your convenience, panel discussion on Sunday 18th. (link to film sent with registration) 

Sponsored by Voices From the Holy Land 


June 11 am

Global Advocacy for Palestinian Children, Defense for Children International – Palestine’s new report, “Arbitrary by Default: Palestinian Children in the Israeli Military Court System.”

Sponsored by American Friends Service Committee and Defense for Children International – Palestine, this coalition is called No Way to Treat a Child


June 2:00 pm

Film Screening & Talk Back: “Two Kids a Day” on average, two Palestinian kids are areested very night by the Isreali army. They are interrogated, tried, and sent to prison.

Sponsored by Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)


June 3-4:15 pm

Virtual premiere of a short film “The Rosenberg Case 70 years Later: Fights Fascism Then and Now.”

Sponsored by Rosenberg Fund for Children



US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, first conference in five years in Houston, Texas.

Sponsored by US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR)